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                      Gold Cup 2007

    Congratulations to our 2007 Gold Cup Champion ... HOMER!

Homer Snowprince von den Kobolden is a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. He was imported from Germany in June of 2005 from Manuela Glasser and started his show career with the IABCA at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO , the same year. Homer has won 19 titles since his show career began, finishing at the 2007 Desert Christmas Sieger in Tucson AZ as a World Cup Winner in Silver. He is the first and only Biewer to win the coveted IABCA Gold Cup competition since the breed entered the ring in 2003. Homer Snowprince von den Kobolden carries the most titles of any Biewer in the United States. He has paved the way with several of the initial wins for the Biewers in the IABCA and has played an integral role in the introduction of the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier breed to the United States through his exposure in their shows. For additional information regarding this spectacular Biewer visit the website Dare to Dream Biewers. Congratulations goes his owner/handler Susan Williams, for taking the time and dedication in staying committed to keeping this fine example of the breed in the show ring.


                 2007 Gold Cup Standings

                                  Final Count for 2007 

23 0940 Biewer Homer-SnowPrince von den Kobolden Susan Williams
19 0505 Mi-Ki Majestic Duke of Kensington Tiffany Wilkerson-Hood
9 0043 Labrador Retriever BIS Int/Nat GR CH Simpson's Classic Epernay Blanc Gary & Sandra Simpson
6 0364 Bull Terrier (White) Multi CH Bailey's Irish Cream O'Brigadoon RN CGC TT Jennifer Pauline
5 0221 Belgian Tervuren CH Sanroyale's Liberty Valance James K. Medearis
5 0830 Clumber Spaniel Nat/Int/Ehren/AKC CH Wild Cherry's Lenox Starfire Lisa Martinez
5 0642 Yorkshire Terrier Multi CH Sparkling Blu Dreams of Glory Nancy Lonas & Jaime Romero
5 5376 Miniature Schnauzer Rice's Hanna V Brukenthal Willie Caldwell
5 5349 Golden Retriever Int/Nat CH Touchstones Rhapsody in Blue CACH CACH-B CACH-S Tim Hoke
5 1139 Dachshund (Smooth) Multi CH Sausauge Stables Clark SS CGC Lee Padrta
5 4522 Airedale Terrier CH CovenTree Witchhunter Salem Heather & Bruce Andersen
5 3776 Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Int/Nat GR Am CH Ald Foxxtrot High Noon Katherine Sullivan
5 0849 Miniature Schnauzer Rice's Hanna V. Bruckenthal Willie & Mary Caldwell
5 3268 Newfoundland Lifeguard's Beautiful Rising Star Shirley J. McLelland
5 0249 Vizsla Multi CH Sea Hills Montana Cowboy Joe Laurel & Roger Siebecker
5 0396 Cane Corso Scandifio's Tito Roy Rojas
5 0533 Miniature Australian Shepherd CH Azure Teddy Bear of 7 Cedars Christina Baker
4 2017 Samoyed Multi CH Kolinka Alaskan Raider's Dancer Christine Kruzan/Nancy & William Gray
4 2156 Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) BIS Int/Nat/GR/Am CH Spotlight Jamboree WSCH Sherry Green
3 0781 Mastiff Int/Am CH Auroragloria Sir Raleigh Mary Dymond
3 0623 Mastiff Am/Int CH Sherridane's Iron Eyes Cody Patricia M. Perry
3 0902 Miniature Australian Shepherd Multi CH Danlyn Phantom Rio Lyn Williams
3 3128 Rottweiler Lehr's I Am Loki Russell Clark
3 0103 Mi-Ki Multi CH Gravning's Midnight Maverick Melissa Coronado
3 1011 Miniature Schnauzer (White) Mex/Int CH Rice's It's Snow Tea Party Karin N. Rice
3 4716 American Lamalese Wo-Nan's Just As Good Nancy D. Wong
3 0105 Italian Greyhound Int/Nat Nonie's Gentle Ben of Coronado Melissa Coronado
3 0449 Poodle (Standard) Multi Int/UKC CH Aircastle's As The Game's Played Anette Ireland & D. Arthur
2 0848 Miniature Schnauzer (White) Multi CH Rice's Struttin Lil Buckeye Willie & Mary Caldwell
1 0567 Shiba Inu Int CH Doshi of Czech Jakobin Marc & Brandi Manning
1 0191 Siberian Husky BIS Am/Int/Nat/CACH-G Kyrie V-Star Parallel Dreams Amanda & Tim Gibney
1 0104 Mi-Ki BISS/WSCSg-G/Multi CH Angel's Charming Chester Melissa Coronado
1 0668 Border Terrier Am/UCI/FCI/Mex CH Sunkist Small Miracle ME NAP NJP RN VX Wanda Brown
1 1665 Miniature Australian Shepherd Bluegrass Fancy Elijah Kellie R. Barry
1 6018 Dogue de Bordeaux Multi CH Buffy T. Bad Girl Vickie Barfield-Saez
1 2021 Alaskan Malamute Multi CH Wintuk's Indomitable Spirit Dale & Christine Kruzan
1 0118 Afghan Hound Multi CH L'Rhel Suni Asia's TimeStep JC CGC James & Lynda Hicks
1 0954 Biewer Abigayle "Dream Girl" in Paradise Gayle Pruett
1 6657 Dogue de Bordeaux IABCA CH Gothic Guardiens Mighty Red Poppy Kristin Unger
1 1300 Irish Setter Am/Int CH Fleetwood's Hotter Then Hell Denise Melis

Gold Cup Points:

1st Place [Gold] = 5 pts

2nd Place [Silver] = 3 pts

3rd Place [Bronze] = 1 pt



Gratulation on Kathy and Tobi
"Tobi" Tobias Snowboy von den Kobolden

Tobi, Tobias Snowboy von den Kobolden, is a small male that weighs in at 5 pounds. He has had several litters already. Tobi has shown at Purina Farms and Hutto, TX. He won Best Rare Breed puppy at Purina. Tobi has 2 National and International Championships.



Kassanova Snowboy von den Kobolden


 is International & National Champion as both a puppy and an Adult.
Gratulation Dee and Itzi






Congratulation to this big success to Gayle and Sue

               Dog Show at Purina Farms Gray Summit, MO.
                  June 25th & 26th 2005    
Gremling von den Kobolden
this is Gremling. he had done National and International Championat in America. other pictures come later
Homer von den Kobolden
this is Homer 4 months and his first show.
He placed with his National & International Puppy Championship, as well as three best of breed puppy. 3rd place in Best in Show, 3rd Place in Best in Puppy Breed. We are very proud of his accomplishments. A special thanks to Manulea.
Harmony von den Kobolden 
This is Harmony 4 months in here ridge show. She finished with here Nationally Puppy Championship. She did not stood a chance against here brother, Homer. Out of four shows she quietly collected enough points for one of here Championships. A special thanks to Jessica for handling here at the show.


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