What are Bieweryorkshireterrier?    
 Roughly it are said 3-colored Yorkshire terriers (blau-weiß-gold/schwarz-weiß-gold) appeared from mutation (from 2 animals!!!) with subsequent other breeding by intermarriage and line breeding
 Where from the enormous differences in prices come?
Puppies will often come offered those of parent's animals which have appeared from Einkreuzung of other races in the past. One considers that there was to buy virtually no Bieweryorkshireterrier before 10-15Jahren. Then these animals carry (also after generations) the "characteristic features" of other races, e.g., other hair structure, drooping ears, wrong colors or extreme size. The breeding "good" Bieweryorkshire " is very difficult - quality has their(her) price! controlled healthy animals are expensiveAre all Bieweryorkshire ill? No! However, there are some suffering from a hereditary disease, because this race has appeared from intermarriage. A good Breeder will take remarkable parent's animals or descendants as slow-acting animals, e.g., from Lebershunt, heart diseases, epilepsy from the breedin
These animals should be castrated at all costs, so that a passing on of the " ill genes " is prevented. Other precautionary measures are controls, delivery of the puppies possibly only from the 12th week, because the Symtome appear, e.g., from Lebershunt only from this moment
How do I find a good breeders? There are them(her,it)!!! Look for it!!! Visit breeders! Have a look at animals in Orginal! If breeders has, e.g., only 3 bitches, but constantly puppies, the healthy human intelligence must say that here a little bit does not voteThe grower should know his(its) animals. Only in the living together with the animals the breedersstates(finds out) changes and health problems particularly of the puppies. Some hereditary diseases are to be stated(are to be found out) already with observation and a conscientious breeder becomes his(iThere is also them! Is important that a buyer informs himself very well. It is better a lot of time with look and read to spend, than to buy spontaneously a puppy who does not correspond on looking more carefully to the images(performances) or is ill. Do not search the "schnäppchen"
There are no "special offers" with good Bieweryorkshireterriern
Which association? Meanwhile, there are some associations for Bieweryorkshireterrier! Argument, quarrel, envy and envy herschen in a majority of these associations - unity is found rarely and if to pursue then often only around financial Intressen or to put big exhibitions on the legs! Unfortunately, no acts follow a lot of words! Besides, unfortunately, the thing of the "Bieweryorkshireterrier" sets(declines) - information for buyer is often "bound to association" after the motto: Buy only animals from him and the association or him and the club ...!!!! 
In the mean time there are in whole Germany, Östereich and Switzerland some hundred Bieweryorkshireterrier - nevertheless this is still a young race. It is a matter to the Breeders in the past done mistakes to korigieren to sit down even graduations(scales) as a breeders and to breed healthy friendly Bieweryorkshireterrier which correspond to the set standart of Mr Biewer Unity among the breeders would be there a pious wish! Also in the Intresse of the buyers and lovers of this race!


History of the Biewer Yorkshire Terriers a la pom pon


The history of the Biewer-Yorkshire a la Pom Pon only goes back for 20 years. It's a very beautiful, lovable race who finally should be shown from his best side to clear all the speculations and unclearnesses
The 20. of january in 1984 a new Yorkie-breed, developed from a mutation, was born. It was the climax of 20 years successfully breeding by Gertrud and Werner Biewer. The parentage of the newborn were "Darling von Friedheck", worldjuvenile-champion 1981 in Dortmund and "Fru-Fru von Friedheck", worldjuvenile-champion 1981 in Dortmund (Germany). This two gave birth to the first white-blue-gold Yorki - "Schneeflöckchen von Friedheck".


Out of this chance, Family Biewer breeded on they're coloured Yorkis. The name Biewer-Yorki comes from Gertrud and Werner's family-name Biewer. But how did the name "a la Pom Pon" develop? "A la Pom Pon" is french and means "ball-tangle", higgledy-piggledy just like his coat.
Unfortunately Werner Biewer died in 1997, his wife Gertrud Biewer lives now in Solms / Wetzlar (Germany) together with her Yorkis, but she doesn't breed anymore
The general appearance of the Biewer-Yorkis should be that of a long -haired toy terrier. The hair should be shiny and fine like silk, without underwool, straight and it should fall symmetrically on every side in a parting from nose to the end of the tail. The outline should convey the impression of a powerful and proportional body.
The head should be small and flat. It shouldn't stand out to strongly or have a round skullpan nor should it have a long snout with an absolutely black nose. The hair is long, white-blue-gold and symmetrically coloured. Medium-sized, dark and sparkling eyes should give us the picture of an intelligent dog. The little, v-shaped ears must be upright. Allowed is a symmetrical scissors bite or level bite. On attach importance to absolutely straight and good muscled legs, which are good covered with hair. The paws are as round as possible with white or black claws. The deck hair is white, or touched with a slight blue-white colour or totally blue without any brown toner. The hair on chest, stomach and legs is absolutely white.
The Biewer-Yorki need care. To avoid matted hair you must comb and brush it regular. The coat is fine and silky, so it's easy to do so. But some possessors decide to make a short-hair cut, because it looks better than a worse cared, long-haired Yorki.


The Biewer-Yorki enjoy gain in popularity and appreciation by breeders, exhibitors and enthusiasts. Since then, much Biewery-Yorkis have reached national and international awards and certificates at exhibitions (not membershiped in VDH




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